Tax Preparation

With over 45 years of tax preparation experience, there is not much that we haven’t seen over the years. But, what truly sets us apart is the way in which we prepare our client tax returns. We do each return as if it were our own. Many hours are spent annually studying the new tax law changes and updates so that we make sure that each client return has every legal deduction and credit showing. Tax season never ends at TSL. We are available to prepare taxes throughout the entire year. We even welcome those of you who may not have filed for several years and have your receipts in shoe boxes. Staying current with your taxes is important and we want to help you eliminate the worry of any tax agency placing liens on your property or your bank account.

However, if you do get a notice from a tax agency informing that you are either being audited or that you have a lien is about to be placed on your property, you need to act! If you don’t have an accountant that can help you, please call us. We can.