Welcome to TSL Bookkeeping, Acctng., & Tax Services, Inc!

We are delighted that you found us on the Internet! We are here to serve you with services that are accurate, timely, and affordable! Our goal is that our company becomes an invaluable asset to your company by providing you with the financial services you need to assure that your company prospers and grows without the constant worry of incorrect recordkeeping and miscalculated tax reporting.

Many business owners detest spending their time at night, after a long day at work, attempting to record all their receipts, balance their checkbooks, and the like. We love that type of work. Give us detail and we thrive! So, we are here to become part of your team and help relieve you of that unneeded stress. We can partner up and both be doing the things that we enjoy the most!

Our Staff

Tami Lowe
Tami Lowe
Senior Accountant & President

It was Tami’s dream to open her own practice to help other business owners become successful in their business through a partnership with TSL. Tami has been in the field of accounting for the past 45 years. She loves her business and she loves her clients.

TSL has been a true blessing in her life and she looks forward to operating the company for many more years to come.

About TSL Bookkeeping

Being in the field of accounting for over 30 years, it was always a dream to open a private practice to help new and existing businesses grow and thrive. The dream consisted of connecting business owners and accounting professionals to help them solve financial difficulties. The dream was not just to find people to employ our service, but it was to form partnerships whereby the strengths of both companies would join forces for longevity and success.

In 2003, TSL opened for business. Our mission was to assist other small businesses with recordkeeping, payroll, and taxes so that the business owners might be free to concentrate on the products or services that sets them above their competitors. Partnering with other local businesses made good sense! Now, as we move into our 15th year, we know that we were and are blessed to continue to serve the Columbus community, using the same approach we did when we first opened. At TSL, you will find no hype, no false promises, no hidden costs to our services, and you can be assured that we do not work in any gray areas. We pride ourselves in being open, honest, and sincere with our clients. We appreciate the partnerships we have built over the years and look forward to building many more in the years ahead.